Base UI Sketch Framework: Must-Have Wireframe Toolkit with 180+ Screens (Sketch Templates)



Start your design projects in the right way – this is the idea behind Base UI. We built it to help you create a beautiful website for the story you want to tell. Get things done faster. And better. Base UI is a Sketch-based design system consisting of nesting symbols and styles. It’s a massive kit that contains more than 180 screens and has powerful customization capabilities.


  • 180+ Web based screen templates
  • 10 Ready-to Use Landing Pages
  • Customizible Color Scheme
  • Customize Symbols
  • Customize Text Styles
  • Compatible with Sketch
  • Free Lifetime Updates

14 Categories

  1. Header
  2. Intro
  3. Gallery
  4. Content
  5. Features
  6. Call to Action
  7. Blog
  8. E-Commerce
  9. Testimonials
  10. Pricing Table
  11. Analytics
  12. Team
  13. Contacts
  14. Footer

You need to download and install free Truento font family before use.

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Thank you!
I always work on improving this kit. Please, send me your suggestions and wanted features. Your ideas and needs will be taken into further updates. Thanks!

Note: Available only in .sketch format due to complex symbols usage. This is design system/framework, much more than ui kit. If you’re looking for a simpler solution, please check Blokk Wireframe Kit.



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Creation Date: 2017-09-21T01:58:21+10:00
Last Update: 2017-10-31T11:44:56+11:00

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