IT Sanctum – Gantry 5, Church & Nonprofit Joomla Template (Churches)

Sanctum is a dedicated Church Joomla template built on the powerful Gantry 5 Framework. The design is modern and clean, which allows you to use it for any business website. Sanctum comes with many custom particles which bring all needed features for a church site – PayPal Donate particle and Media Box particle for sermons. We also integrated the UIkit Framework in a very natural way which gives you amazing freedom and possibilities.

Sanctum comes with a strong documentation as well! The video tutorials will help you to configure your website in minutes!

Sanctum Features:

  • Quickstart package Joomla 3.8;
  • Joomla 3.X template;
  • Gantry 5 Framework;
  • Responsive Layout;
  • Unlimited Colors;
  • 600+ Google Fonts;
  • UIkit Framework;
  • Unlimited module positions;
  • Awesome custom particles;
  • Drag & Drop Layout Builder;
  • Drag & Drop Menu Editor;
  • Font Awesome;
  • ScrollReveal.js – OnScroll Animations;
  • Rich Typography;
  • Clean, trending and modern Design;
  • Extended documentation.
  • & so much more…



v1.4.0 (10.10.2017):

- Updated the Quickstart package to Joomla 3.8.1.
- Updated the Gantry Framework in the Quickstart Package to 5.4.18.
- Fixed: HTML incorrectly escaped on the "Search Results" page.
- Fixed: Minor styling issue with Bootstrap Tabs.
- Updated "UIkit for Gantry5" atom to its latest version. Updated the UIkit Framework to version 2.27.4. Added the UIkit Notify component.
- Updated "Content PRO (Joomla)" particle to its latest version. Added aria-label for the empty links for better accessibility support.
- Updated "Media Box" particle to its latest version. Minor accessibility (WCAG) improvement - added the "Tooltip Text" as a hidden text inside the icon links.
- Updated "Image Features" particle to its latest version. Added a new field, "Layout", that allows you to select if the image should be on the left or on the right.
- Updated "Icon Fonts" atom to its latest version. Added "Webfont Medical Icons".
- Updated "Contacts" particle to its latest version. Added "Style 2" option. Added "Layout" option. Added "Equal Width" option. Added "Title" field. Added RTL adjustments.
- Updated "Features" particle to its latest version. Added "Style 8" option.
- Updated "Modal Search" particle to its latest version. Added Grav support.



Theme Author: InspireTheme
Creation Date: 2017-08-20T22:21:55+10:00
Last Update: 2017-10-31T18:06:40+11:00

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